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Greenbriar Inn

Boulder, Colorado

Every once in a while you come across one of those restaurants that reminds you that dining out can truly be a memorable experience. One of those experiences that is etched in your memory whenever you are thinking about celebrating something special. This is what you will find at the Greenbriar Inn just north of Boulder. Having been a maitre' d at a very nice restaurant in Illinois in my past, I am quite particular about restaurants and especially the fact that many restaurants in the area are actually overrated. This is not the case with the Greenbriar Inn. They truly deserve all of the accolades they receive.

As I am prone to do, I was searching the Internet for the perfect spot to celebrate our 20th anniversary. When I came upon the Greenbriar Inn's web site, I felt this was a place that would be great for a nice, quiet, romantic dinner. It was the night before Thanksgiving (actually a great time for quiet dinner) and we were seated next to the French doors in the atrium overlooking the garden which had all of the trees lit up in white lights for the holidays. The ambiance is fabulous with the rich green walls, wonderful woodwork, and soft lighting. There is no chain restaurant feeling here.

The evening began with complimentary goose liver pate' that was smooth and delightful. The wine list is extensive as well as award winning. You may need a little help with a recommendation as there are so many to choose from in every variety but I am sure you will find something to suit your taste. You can view the entire list on their web site.

I would have loved to have had one of the appetizers because they looked really fun, but a large lunch that day prevented us from trying them.

My wife had the Tournedos and Seared Scallops with Sweet Potato Gratin, Chanterelle Mushrooms and an Applewood Bacon Demi Glace while I chose the Grilled Double Cut Lamb T-Bones with Roasted Fennel, Rosemary and Olive Oil Infused Fingerling Potatoes, Sundried Tomato and Sherry Vinegar Demi Glace, and Mint Pesto. (The menu can also be viewed at their web site.) These dishes are as elegant as they sound and taste even better than they look. The sauces used for each entree' are superbly delicate and tasty and made these dinners some of the best we have ever tasted. These are the type of dishes that you want to savor every bite. After the first taste I just sat and let the flavors sink into my palette. We enjoyed a nice bottle of Beaujolais that went quite well with our choices.

Though we did not have an appetizer, we could not pass up the Bananas Foster prepared tableside for desert. Bananas sautéed tableside with Brown Sugar, Rum, and Lemon, served over Vanilla Ice Cream, Wow! You've got to love the perfect finish to a wonderful meal.

What else do I need to say. For the perfect dining experience for any occasion, you have to visit the Greenbriar Inn.

Dan Hammes

(your Internet restaurant critic)

Greenbriar Inn
(303) 440-7979
(800) 253-1474
8735 N. Foothills Hwy.
Boulder, Colorado 80302
E-mail: info@GreenbriarInn.com
Web Site: GreenbriarInn.com

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