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Helga's German Restaurant & Deli

Aurora, Colorado


     Since I live out in the country west of Parker, sometimes I am looking for a restaurant right in Parker so I don't have to drive so far. I was looking for a nice restaurant to take my wife on our anniversary. There were a few nice restaurants that were intriguing to me but one that really jumped out at me was Trapper's Chop House. It is located on the top floor of the Select Hotel by Holiday Inn at Crown Point. (E-470 and Parker Rd)

     What really caught my eye about Trapper's Chop House was something I saw on their web site called Stone cooking which is an option for many items. More about that later. I have to say that Trapper's Chop House is not only Parker's best kept secret but also one of the most unique and delightful dining experiences I have had on the front range.

    Our waiter was one of the most attentive and helpful waiters we have ever had. It is unusual these days to find truly professional waiters that know exactly how much attention is needed. He was extremely courteous and was able to make recommendations that really made our evening enjoyable.

     Often we pass on the appetizers because I don't want to walk away feeling like I've had just too much to eat. Tonight I decided to forego soup or salad because I really wanted to try the Blue Crab Cakes. They sounded wonderful and they really were. There were 2 cakes of delicate blue crab with herbs and seasonings that were truly delicious.
     One of the most unique experiences that you must try is what they Trapper"s call "Romancing the Stone". All of the steaks and chops that are offered on the menu can either be prepared traditionally or using this unique cooking technique. "Romancing the Stone" is Volcanic Rock Cooking where each diner cooks their own meat on a volcanic stone! The meat is brought to the table rare, seared on both sides. The stone is 800 degrees and is ready for individual cooking. You slice off a piece of the meat and cook it on the stone to whatever degree of doneness you prefer. Each bite is then cooked and served hot to your own preference.

    I ordered the mixed grill which featured a filet, a buffalo sirloin and Sushi grade Ahi tuna. Also served was a cabernet dipping sauce for the meat and a teriyaki soy sauce with a side of Wasabi for the Ahi Tuna. I don't know when I last enjoyed dining this much. Cooking each individual bite just the way I liked it was really enjoyable. The room fills with the aromas of freshly seared steak that really whet your appetite as you wait for your own entree to arrive.

    My wife tried some of the traditional fare which was equally pleasing. She chose the lobster stuffed ravioli with shrimp. The lobster was very flavorful in the delicate sauce that surrounded the ravioli and the shrimp were tender and delicious.

     For dessert we had the apple strudel which tasted as though it was home-made. It was a wonderful final touch to a wonderful dinner.

     Trapper's has a very nice wine list that offers many reasonably priced choices that will go well with any of your dining choices.

     Whether it is a special occasion or you are just looking for a unique dining experience, you have to add Trapper's Chop House to your list of "must visit" restaurant choices. The "Romancing the Stone" dining experience is something you really have to try. You will certainly be glad you did.

Dan Hammes

(your Internet restaurant critic)

Trappers Chop House
19308 Cottonwood Drive
Parker, CO 80138
Phone: (303) 248-2132
Email: info@trapperschophouse.com
Web: Trapper's Chop House
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