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Old Stone Church Restaurant

Castle Rock, Colorado

I love locally owned restaurants. I am sorry but chain restaurants bore me. I love the creativity and uniqueness of the menus you find at local restaurants. That is why I took my twin daughters to the Old Stone Church Restaurant in Castle Rock to celebrate their birthdays. We ventured to Castle Rock on a chilly evening in late October for our little celebration, my wife, my daughters and I.

We were really looking forward to the warm ambiance of the old stone church. Upon entering we found it truly warm and inviting. We were glad that this was our choice for dining.

Old Stone Church - Castle Rock, CO

My daughters and I started off with the Deep Fried Cajun Crawfish Pies, which were pieces of crispy pastry filled with crawfish, lobster, and cheese. They were wonderful. Truly a tasty appetizer to start of our dining experience. As my wife is gluten intolerant she started off with the soup of the day which happened to be a crab bisque. Oh my gosh, that crab bisque was fabulous. If you have a chance to try it, do not pass it up.

For dinner I had the Kobe Top Sirloin grilled and served with a three peppercorn jus and king crab mac and cheese. My wife was surprised that I would choose a dish with mac and cheese but it was the crab in it that pushed me to choose the entree. I do wish there would have been a little more crab in the mac and cheese. Though it was very good the crab was not overly present in the dish. The steak was wonderful and cooked to perfection. Overall a good choice.

My wife chose as her entree the N.Y. Strip grilled with sautéed garlic, shrimp, tempura onion rings and whipped potatoes. I often have trouble getting my wife to try a NY strip because she is one of those Filet Mignon people but I convinced her to give it a try. Personally, I love the flavor of strip steaks and after ordering the meal she did agree it was very flavorful. She loved it. One of my daughters had a Mahi served with gnocchi that was very flavorful. It turned out to be a very nice entree. My other daughter decided on a roasted crispy half duck with a blackberry morita chile glace and fingerling potatoes. The duck was tender and delicious but could have used a bit more sauce. The roasted potatoes were extremely tasty.

For desert we had an edible crispy bowl of two ice creams and a sherbet that were homemade. The desert was wonderful.

If you are looking for a wonderful dining experience that has a local flair to it, then you have to make it to the Old Stone Church Restaurant in Castle Rock. The cuisine and the ambiance are totally unique and will make any dinner a special occasion.

Dan Hammes

(your Internet restaurant critic)

Old Stone Church Restaurant
210 3rd Street, Castle Rock, CO

(303) 688-9000

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