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Prime 25

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Prime 25 - fine dining in Colorado Springs


Recently I had the opportunity to check out a real gem of a restaurant in Colorado Springs called Prime 25. My wife and I were out with one of our daughters and her boyfriend for a late anniversary celebration. We were celebrating 34 years of marriage and were looking for a great place for an evening of fine dining. Always looking for something new, our search came down to Prime 25. I am so glad we found this restaurant.

As soon as we walked in we knew we had made the right choice, The atmosphere is warm, modern, and truly comfortable. And the hostess was very pleasant and gracious.


I don't generally talk about drinks in my reviews as they are generally just run of the mill and the same drinks you get anywhere but here the drinks are worth mentioning. I decided to try a port old fashioned which was made with Buffalo Trace bourbon and 10 year old Tawny Port. The best old fashioned I have ever had. The port gives it a nice smooth finish. My daughter was undecided about what to get and our server asked her about different tastes and flavors she liked and had the bartender create a martini for her that she really loved. Our server, Jennifer, was very knowledgeable and helpful in all of our decisions to make our dining experience truly memorable.

port old fashioned

One of the reasons we picked Prime 25 was that my daughter saw that they offered a chacuterie board. If you haven't had one of these, you really need to try it. It is an offering of cheeses, meats, preserves, nuts etc. that is a great start instead of traditional appetizers. There are not an awful lot of restaurants that offer chacuterie, so you really need to try it. It was delicious with the lavosh crackers and grilled baguette.

For the entree course we chose filet mignon Oscar with king crab, sea scallops, and Colorado lamb chops, with added sides of sautéed button mushrooms and green beans. I really wanted to try the lobster mac and cheese but I will save that for another time. Each of the entrees were cooked to perfection and I loved the purple carrots, Tokyo turnips, and and king trumpet mushrooms that came with the dish I had. I of course had a tasting of each of the entrees. The lamb chops were wonderful, the sea scallops were delicate and super delicious, and of course the filet Oscar was melt in your mouth good. Jennifer helped us create the filet dish in order to suit the tastes of the table. Wonderful.

For desert we had a memorable creme brulee, a very creamy cheesecake, and a black raspberry cobbler. All very tasty and a perfect ending to a wonderful meal. A little cognac to top it all off and our dining experience was truly successful.

I am so grateful to Jennifer and the rest of the staff for being so accommodating and helpful and making our dinner a wonderful evening. Please visit Prime 25 when you are looking for a really relaxing and tasty dinner for any occasion.


Dan Hammes

(your Internet restaurant critic)

Prime 25
(719) 358-9822
1605 S.Tejon St.
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80905
E-mail: info@prime25.com
Web Site: Prime25.com

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